Are you frustrated over your life purpose?

Do you struggle with having too many interests?

Are there emotional hurdles limiting you from being your authentic self?

If any of these sound like you I'm Dhara Singh, board certified hypnotherapist and life coach at LifeResume.

After interviewing close to 300 entrepreneurs, municipal leaders, nonprofits and even sources I've met on the spot as a journalist in my 9 to 5, I now want to apply the same investigative mindset and methods to you! My articles have touched millions of readers, but now I want to bring those same skills to helping people like you.


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We're not "Scatter-Brained", we're Renaissance Souls. Check out our latest in Elephant Journal.


Dhara is a great communicator and ready to lead your project to a successful result. Her curiosity and genuine interest towards my story sparked interesting conversations throughout the contract. From the first phone call, she was on point always asking me the right questions. I have only good things to say about Dhara's approach. Highly recommend for those who have key ideas but unsure how to weave everything together!

— Hris, Three Month Client

"I think it was an amazing experience. Dhara was able to really dig deep and find answers to everything I was trying to find out during the session. I think instead of trying to fall prey to perfectionist mindset I’ll go for more action. Then just continue with the action plan we came up with. I’d recommend this session to anyone trying to make sense out of their many ideas on what they want to do in their life."

- Deepesh, Clarity Session

"Great experience. I got to know about how to kickstart a writing career and how to obtain quotes from industry professionals."

- Pallav, Clarity Session

"I was fortunate enough to work with Dhara on many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my potential in business and my personal life. My experience with Dhara was completely transformative and life changing. Dhara is a beautiful soul and her energy and desire to coach shone through in our time together allowing me to shine and up level. Dhara is a wonderful coach. Thank you." 

-Shaylee K, Hypnotherapy Session

"I enjoyed my time working with Dhara so much! Dhara has such a beautiful soul. Her patience and kindness made me feel at ease and safe to open up. I was feeling stuck and unsure about some directions with my life, and Dhara gracefully made me see things from a whole different perspective. I no longer feel stuck and am since feeling confident with the choices I’ve made. If you are looking for guidance and transformation in life, Dhara is the perfect person for you!

-Tiffany L, Real Estate Investor, NLP Session

Our core values.


Everyone has a standout story.

If you're not a CEO yet, it doesn't mean you don't have a standout story or strong skillsets that can set you apart from a sea of thousands.


It's okay to have multiple interests.

We believe the identity of a Renaissance Soul isn't synonymous with being "scatter-brained" or "unsure of yourself". We want to help you design a life that accomodates all your multiple interests. Don't ever feel you have to sacrifice your authentic identity.


The answers to your calling are already in your existing life experiences.

Stop with the career quizzes and stalking the top 10 high paying jobs list. First let's take a look at the richness of your existing personal and professional life experiences. We'll guide you to unearth your life's calling.

Our Services and Packages

  • My specialities include working with Renaissance Souls (those with multiple interests)
  • Working with 9 to 5 professionals who feel stuck and unfulfilled in their life
  • Professionals who are seeking clarity about their competitive advantage in the workforce
  • Those struggling with anxiety, a lack of confidence and imposter syndrome.

90 Minute NLP Mindset Session

Do you feel emotionally stuck or feel your stagnant in your life path? In this 90 Minute Mindset Reboot Session, we'll use NLP techniques to clear your energy fields, release your imposter syndrome and jumpstart your excitement for your goals. You were meant to achieve great things, don't let your emotional roadblocks hold you back. (Disclaimer: This should not replace therapy.)

Techniques we use:

- Emotional Freedom Techniques

- Anchoring

- Hypnosis

- TIME Techniques

- Single Belief Change

Learn more!

6 Week Personal Coaching (NLP Mindset Reboost + Career Strategy)

Has it been a while since you've exuded confidence, felt clarity in your career direction or had an opportunity to celebrate success? In this 6 week personalized coaching package I will help you release those mental blocks and get you aligned with a career and lifestyle design meant for you. We will create actionable steps and hold you accountable so by the end of the 6 weeks you'll see tangible results.

What you'll receive:

- Your avatar profile (this is a tool kit of your core strengths and your values)

- Your standout story (an elevator pitch to employers)

- 24/7 Text Support

- Bi-weekly NLP Mindset and Career Strategy Sessions

- Weekly homework assignments where you will implement our learnings in real time to make career moves.

- Interview Preparation, Resume Critiques

- Access to a supportive Facebook community with weekly subconscious tips, accountability prompts, chances to celebrate your wins and learn from experts in all career fields!

Other Services:

90 Minute LifePath Clarity Session

In these 90 minutes we'll use LifeResume investigative storytelling techniques to unearth your authentic standout story. No preparation is required beforehand. Upon purchase you'll be sent a calendly link to book your appointment. 24 hour notice needed to refund.

Learn more!

Learn about me.

Three years ago I took a transformative leap of faith to leave my financial operations job and enter the field of financial journalism. In 8 months of unemployment, I manifested my way into my dream journalism school at Columbia University, self-published my bestselling anthology Tell Her She's Lovely ( and launched my life coaching business.

I'm a Renaissance Soul who has been told they have too many interests but I've learned how to design an optimal life that accommodates my interests.

Let's schedule a free clarity call where we learn more what your purpose and mindset blocks are?

Schedule a free clarity call
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LifeResume LLC Presents

Tell Her She's Lovely, An Anthology

By Dhara Singh

A transformative anthology that traces a South Asian millennial woman's journey from inner conflict and confrontation to ultimately peace.

Laced with minimal illustrations and refreshing poetry, Tell Her She's Lovely by journalist Dhara Singh demonstrates what it means to navigate an unorthodox career change, let go of a need for external validation, and trust one's inner compass.

"For some, there is a disturbance within that only needs a push and some direction to the beginning of the road. And sometimes, we don’t know that another road exists, or if the compass within us is an anchor or a chain. For the ever-changing self, learning what makes it lovely is the key."

-Rani Review, August 13th, Medium