90 Minute Storytelling Intensives

You're unsure how to convey your story but you want to show up confidently on social media.

You have too many stories to share but you want the presentation to make sense to your dream audience.

You're guilty of dimming your story due to fears of judgement but you want to feel proud of your journey.

In my value packed 90 minute intensives we are going to unlock the gifts in your existing story so you can release these storytelling blocks and attract aligned clients.

My passion for storytelling inspired me to quit my 9 to 5 banking job to become a journalist.

After taking calculated risks, applying to my dream school, and letting go of fear, I've now interviewed over 350 entrepreneurs and experts with confidence.

I'm here to help you feel empowered with a unique story.

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Let's tap into the hidden equity in your existing stories.

A 90 minute intensive gives you a clearer understanding of your unique standout story, your true niche, and your aligned audience.

What a single session includes:

A Story Elevator Pitch.

There's no shortage of coaches out there. But why are you different? In this 90 minute intensive I'm putting on my investigative journalist hat and digging deep into your life events to uncover your standout story.

Walk away with an elevator pitch and detailed notes on how to tell your story.

Clarity On Your Niche and Audience.

There's thousands of NLP, mindset and life coaches out there. Your niche should be one that people need, but also one that aligns with your unique story.

Content Feedback.

I visit through your existing website beforehand (if you have one) and provide tips on key numbers and details you can use during our session.

Once we unlock your powerful story, I'm here to guide you on how you can showcase your story online.

A Support System.

For two weeks even after our session is over, I'll offer strategic and emotional support. I know the entrepreneurial journey feels overwhelming at times.

I'm here to remind you, you have a story only you can tell.

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What clients are saying:

Paulina, Mindset Coach

"Dhara's energy is loving and caring, it's easy to open up to her. She is awesome at asking great questions, in order to really get to the root and dig deep. She is a good journalist! I felt so empowered after the session, because I really felt like we shifted my story from a sad to empowering one. It was a short one hour session but so powerful and intensive."

Donette, Women Empowerment Coach

"I am extremely pleased to have had that session because now I have more options to choose from, and more ideas of how I can help powerful women return home to themselves. I will surely adjust my audience and reach out to women who are feeling disempowered after experiencing trauma."

Hazel, Trauma and Healing Coach

"My original brand didn’t align and Dhara was able to get real with me. When we went deep into my stories we found that my story isn’t focused on abandonment but working through past traumas.

With that breakthrough we were able to rework the way I show up on social media. My brand will be focused on healing past trauma and rediscovering their love within."

My story.

Before I switched into a career based on storytelling and forming deep connections, I was working in a well known financial firm.

Yet I was craving a more creative path that gave my writing visibility and the opportunity to speak to people from all walks of life about the issues that matter.

I ended up taking a huge risk by leaving my stable job in hopes of transitioning into journalism. I went through 7 months of unemployment and was often judged by others for taking this leap. People didn't understand my why.

But I used that time to apply to my dream graduate journalism school at Columbia University and built a portfolio of rich stories in the process.

In the end it was an authentic story about my beauty struggles with my curly hair that helped me gain admission.

Today I work as a financial journalist where my work is read by millions of readers. My book, 'Tell Her She's Lovely", has also become an Amazon bestseller within weeks of its publish. This book based on my life story brought in four figures in a just a few weeks.

I'm excited about helping you unearth your entrepreneurial standout story.

Let's work together.

Your story is the building block for an aligned business. It's time to dive deep and tap into its existing value.

I'm ready to invest. 

"I came to realize that I have many things that I have not shared with my audience! By sharing more about my past experiences in different countries, I can be more of a Global Stylist and Life & Success Coach.

I realized my website does not reflect my expertise and so I will share more about my experiences and use my creative flow for making amazing content for social media and my email list."

— Monica Fuentes, Mindset and Styling Coach

Dhara gave me the clarity about a piece of my messaging that was missing in my business. I was downplaying my professional expertise thinking that wasn't important in my coaching business and now I'm feeling more aligned to my purpose. I recognize that that part of my experience will be so valuable to women in a similar experience.

— Martha C., Empowerment and Subconscious Coach